Preface: To Believe or Not To Believe

  • Scientists tell us the Universe was created 13.8billion years ago.
    • The creation happened – it is here.  
    • It is history.
    • Not recorded by man, but nevertheless it is history.
    • Nothing can change that history!
  • We have two sources to help us determine the correct history.
    • Source One: From the writings of Prophets―Scriptures or Holy Writ.
    • Source Two: From the writings of people who are nonbelievers.
    • The purpose of the book: to show the scriptures represent the true history.
  • The goals of this book are threefold:
    • To provide evidence―both physical and spiritual―of God’s existence.
    • To provide assurance that anyone can know there is a God―not merely believe, but actually know.  Chapter three is dedicated for this purpose.
    • To provide “armor and ammunition” for combating theories and ideologies designed and presented to create doubt.
  • There is a God!
    • There are both physical and spiritual evidences to support his existence.
    • The book discusses many of these evidences.
  • We do not need to see God to know that he exists!
    • There are many things we can’t see, but know exist.  
    • We can’t see electricity, radar, satellite communication, cell phone transmission, remote control communication, and many―many other things!
    • Scientists and engineers actually study these unseen things and create products from which we as a society benefit!
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