Chapter 10: Creation of Life

The fossil record demonstrates life has been on Earth for a long time.

  • Scientists tell us that over 99% of the prehistoric animals represented in the fossil record are now extinct.

  • The scriptures record: All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.

  • This means God created all the animals represented in the fossil record.

  • The presence of fossils should not challenge our Faith – they are OK. Chapter one of this book explains that the Earth could be as old as what scientists say.

“The Origin of the Species” published by Charles Darwin created one of the greatest battlefields in the history of mankind, because, when considering the creation of life on Earth, many people believe there are only two possible scenarios:

  • Scenario I: God created all life forms; therefore, evolution is false.

  • Scenario II: Evolution is real; therefore, God does not exist.

  • Scenario III is proposed in this book, stating: Evolution could not have happened without God directing or controlling the process.

    • Chapter 10 concentrates on Scenario III. By showing Scenario III is correct, the existence of God is established, and we need not discuss the other scenarios.

    • Charles Darwin proposed to a close friend, Joseph Dalton Hooker that perhaps life began in a “warm little pond, with all sorts of ammonia and phosphoric salts, lights, heat, electricity, etc. present, so that a protein compound was chemically formed ready to undergo still more complex changes.”

    • Countless competent and brilliant scientists have performed innumerable experiments trying to create life or duplicate what happened in that “warm little pond.” They all have failed.

      • Does that mean that the scientists are incompetent? No! Mankind has just not been given knowledge to create life.

    • Perhaps instead of creating life from scratch, we could restore life to something that has died. Before death, all of the necessary things for life to exist were in place.

    • We haven’t been successful in restoring life either.

The human body has countless features that show God’s hand was needed for their development:

  • The Apostle Paul describes our body as a temple.

    • When we examine our body, we find something designed by a master architect. We have the ability to see, to walk, to talk, to sing, to hear, to touch, to smell … and the list goes on and on.

  • The main topic of this chapter is the Magnificent Human Body and why it qualifies as a temple designed by the only architect that could―God.

  • This chapter discusses just a select few of the countless features of the human body that show God’s hand was needed for their development:

    • The ability to grow inside and outside the womb.

      • The most talented scientists and engineers have never been able to create a fetus―especially one that would grow automatically inside of a womb.

      • For that matter, scientists and engineers have not been able to create anything that would grow outside the womb.

    • The ability to reproduce.

      • The most talented scientists and engineers have never been able to create anything that could reproduce.

    • The ability to see.

      • This chapter goes into a lot of detail to show God had to be involved in providing eyesight for the prehistoric animals.

      • There are only two ways prehistoric animals could develop the ability to see.

        • The first way is for God to accomplish the task.

        • The second way is for the prehistoric animals to accomplish it themselves.

      • Did the prehistoric animal even know what eyesight was? Did the animal know it would have to grow a lens―and could it? Did it know the lens would need to focus an image on some receptors? Did it know what a receptor was or how to grow one? Did the animal know it would have to grow an optic nerve to connect the receptors to the brain? Did the animal know that the brain would need to increase in size to process the new information? Did the animal know how to increase the size of the brain? Did the animal know how to program the brain so it could interpret the signals from the receptors? All of the answers are, emphatically – No!

      • Did the prehistoric animals have the capability to grow these things by themselves? No!

      • The only way for the prehistoric animals to obtain eyesight was for God to do it. He was the only one there! There was no other way!

    • The ability to develop our other senses; taste, smell, feel, and hearing.

      • The same arguments for developing eyesight are duplicated here.

  • There is much discussion showing that in order for anything to evolve, God had to be there and be involved!

The human body has a fantastic Ergonomic Design.

  • Ergonomic design is a term used by engineers and designers to indicate where items should be placed for the convenience of the user.

  • Ergonomic design establishes that the gas pedal gets positioned where it is and not in the back seat.

  • Examples of body features demonstrating a great Ergonomic Design

    • Our ears are positioned on our head that can swivel to pick up the sound and identify its source and not positioned on our knees.

    • Our eyes are positioned on our head that can swivel to increase our field of view and not positioned under our arms.

    • Our nose is positioned between our eyes and mouth so we can smell the food before it goes into our mouth.

    • If things were not in the optimum position, it would certainly help the nonbeliever’s argument that there is not God. Without God directing where things go, the position of our eyes, nose, mouth, etc. would be helter-skelter all over the body.

    • With things in their optimum position, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the body is a magnificently designed machine, designed by a very talented and gifted designer. The designer we refer to is God!


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